Stretch Tent Service & Maintenance

Do you own your own Bedouin or Stretch Tent?
We offer a variety of services to maximize and extend the life of your unique and beautiful Stretch Tent.


We offer the following Stretch Tent maintenance services:

  1. De-rigging and rigging your tent.
  2. Cleaning and washing your tent.
  3. Certain Stretch Tents can be repaired and refurbished, subject to manufacturer.
  4. Reporting and advising on damages pre and post cleaning.
  5. Repair and re-installation of fixation and attachment points.
  6. Advising on any rigging options/changes to enhance or bring about a change to the current setup.
  7. Ensure compliance with current Health and Safety regulations.
  8. Provide structural certification if needed.
  9. Check and service fire extinguishers if required.
  10. Advise on any new developments in respect of tenting products and accessories to improve and an enhance the tent.

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Why do I need to clean and maintain my Stretch Tent?

  1. It extends the lifespan of this beautiful and unique product.
  2. Visually a clean tent is a sexy tent.
  3. It removes any underlying dirt that could make the tent look dirty even when it is not.
  4. It allows the tent to refresh the membrane also adding longevity to the tent.
  5. A report on any potential problems will ensure your investment is looked after.
  6. This also serves as an opportunity to check stability and security of fixation points and report on any concerns or potential hazards that might arise.
  7. New rope and attachments points will be installed and supplied if required. A quote for this would be given on site.

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