When hiring a tent with Tentation, you get so much more than just a tent...

Our tents for hire are a radical innovation in the world wide tenting and marquee industry.


The unique 100% waterproof stretch fabric means their capacity for transformation and re-invention of space is spectacular. Larger tents can have sides up or down, poles can be re-positioned to accommodate numbers and create different shapes.


Tents can be wrapped around tress, rocks and walls and can be erected with or without poles. (depending on site). 


When hiring a marquee or tent with Tentation, you get so much more than just a tent. You get a passionate events company fully committed to making your Cape Town or Johannesburg event a success.


The various applications for the unique products are as follows:


Stretch Tents and Marquees have become a preferred choice of tent, as they offer more than just cover and versatility; they are a dynamic décor tool available in almost any colour with a natural affinity to lighting. This coupled with the ability to be erected almost anywhere make them a brilliant eventing tool for a birthday party, business function or other celebration.



Many brides and bride-grooms want to have a wedding that is 'different' and 'spectacular', and this is easily achieved when using a Stretch Tent. They have the unique ability to both compliment a "formal" white-wedding set up, and add a funky edge to your less traditional weddings..


Film Industry

With multiple set locations, 'extras' to be covered and crew meals to be served, Stretch Tents, with their mobility and the ease of erection, have become a common site, on and around film and commercial shoots.



Whether it's an end of year staff function, a client evening, a product launch or a networking evening, Corporations often like to keep these occasions "in-house". With the ability to be erected on roof tops, courtyards, balconies and transform inside spaces, they offer new solutions and possibilities to corporations both in urban and rural settings.


Building Industry

Tentation tents are often used as a solution to keeping sites dry during renovation activity, saving on 'down-time' considerably.


  Guests Cinema style Cocktail Style Fully Catered Event
  20 - 50 Guests 50m2 75m2 100m2
  120 Guests 120m2 180m2 240m2
  200 Guests 200m2 300m2 400m2
  300 Guests 300m2 450m2 600m2